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Trepanning Tools for Deep Hole Drilling

Using trepanning tools for your deep hole drilling operations makes a lot sense.

  • Trepanning tools require less effort than the use of other types of drilling.
  • Trepanning tools offer extremely close tolerances and are also indexable.

Since trepanning tools cut out a cylinder rather than try to cut away or bore though the metals that require a drilling operation, less effort is required to create the hole that is to be drilled. Trepanning tools, may be used with some older types of machinery that may not have all of the power that some newer models of machinery may have, thus making them a good choice for may tool shops that may not have the latest machinery available to them. Also, because trepanning tools cut a cylinder rather than cut out the entire area to be drilled, there are far fewer shavings so you will be able to to continually work at you drilling task rather than having to remove and reinsert your drill to avoid binding of the drill or damage due to shavings that are not extracted rapidly or thoroughly enough.

The cylinder that is cut out using trepanning tools is very easy to use and handle. If the piece you are working on requires an testing, the cylinder is readily available with easy handling to be sent to a lab. The cylinder that is cut out may also be a cost saver, since it may be used in the creation of another product.

General cleanup of a working area using trepanning tools is faster and easier too due to the far fewer chips or shavings produced in the use of trepanning tools.

Trepanning tools offer very close tolerances and can cut out a straight tube with very little wobble during the cutting process. This means that your finished product will require far less finishing than you might expect using other types of BTA drills.

Trepanning tools are also indexable. You will require less expenditure for tools because your trepanning tools are versatile in the size of the hole that can be made with each trepanning tool. The compliment of indexable trepanning tools offered by BTA Heller covers a range of diameters from 3.500" to 24" and can be threaded for either an internal or external fast lead thread. We also provide reversible carbide pads with our trepanning tools so you save and make more due to the extended life of each trepan tool we offer.

Are you ready to learn more about our trepanning tools and how they can benefit your tooling operations? Contact us today and let us show you many the benefits trepanning tools can offer to your business. We are a leading manufacturer of BTA trepanning tools with knowledge and experience to share with you to assure that you get the right trepanning tools that will help your business.


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