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Committed to design and manufacture the best deephole drilling tools and systems in the world.

Deep Hole Drilling Tools & Systems

BTA Heller, a USA-based company, is recognized as the premier Deep hole Tooling and Systems manufacturer in the world. Also, we are the only company that can offer single-source turnkey solutions for your deep hole drilling applications. Furthermore, we back all of our products with the most knowledgeable service-oriented staff in the industry. This staff has one goal in mind; provide the very best customer service for your tooling requirements.

Be it Single Tube, Double Tube, Gun Drilling, or other specialty drilling systems, BTA Heller has the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to meet your deep drilling application objectives. If your goal is to receive the best service, superior engineered tools, and systems at competitive prices, please give us a call today at 800.325.3670.

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BTA Heller Drilling Systems

Double Tube Drilling System From BTA Heller

Double Tube System

The double tube system “DTS” or sometimes referred to as the “Ejector” system of drilling is where the coolant is supplied at the machine spindle through a special coolant inducer or connector. Also, as the name implies, this drilling system consists of an outer and inner tube that is connected to the coolant inducer…

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Gun Drilling System From BTA Heller

Gun Drilling System

Gun drilling is the oldest and most widely used method of deep hole drilling employed by industry today. The drill or “gun drill” is generally a one-piece assembly consisting of a hollow cylindrical drill driver. Also, it is brazed to a V-shaped crimped tube and finally assembled to a brazed-on solid carbide drill head.

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Single Tube Drilling System From BTA Heller

Single Tube System

The single tube system STS or sometimes referred to as BTA drilling tool system, is the reverse of a gun drilling system. Unlike the gun drill, the STS or BTA drilling system assembly consists of a BTA drill head that is attached to a ground cylindrical tube. This is by either an internal or external fast lead thread.

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