Aluminum Drilling Machine

Aluminum Drilling Machine

At BTA Heller, our drilling heads can be used on a number of metal materials. One of the most popular is aluminum. When using an aluminum drilling machine with BTA Heller drill heads, your job becomes much easier. In addition, a Sunnen drilling machine combined with a BTA Heller drill head is the perfect match. By being a part of the Sunnen family, BTA heller can offer even more great products to choose from.

Deep Hole Aluminum Drilling Machine

Aluminum by many is believed to be the easiest metal for drilling. But there are some factors you should consider when drilling aluminum. While aluminum has a high resistance to corrosion, it is a generally soft material.  Because it is so soft you need to be careful when drilling for long periods of time. The second thing to consider when drilling it is chip formation. Make sure to use proper coolant or lubricant when drilling aluminum.

Two of the more popular alloys of aluminum to drill are the 6061 and 7075. Of course, other alloys are used as well. BTA drills in various configurations are available from a leading manufacturer of BTA drills. Also at BTA Heller, we are proud members of the Boring Trepanning Association and are seasoned professionals in both the design and manufacture of BTA drills.

When it comes to deep hole drilling, the industry standard is BTA Heller. No matter what type of material you are using we can provide the tools you need to finish your job. Not quite sure what type of drill head you need? Ask the experts at BTA Heller.  We can help provide you with the exact information you need. Finally, as being a part of the Sunnen Products family, we can provide you with even more resources than before. Call us today at 800.325.3670 to place your order!