Join US At The Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show

The Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show 2020 May 11 – 13, 2020 Place Bonaventure, Montreal QC BTA Heller, a division of Sunnen will be attending the Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) this May. MMTS is Canada’s premier manufacturing technology show. The whole event is dedicated to manufacturing and the technology advancements in the field. Many manufacturing […]

Trepanning Is Cost Effective

Trepanning can be a cost effective way to perform deep hole drilling. Instead of drilling out an entire hole, Trepanning just cuts out the core. IN addition, trepanning tools require less energy compared to other hole drilling solutions. The solid core material that is left by using trepanning tools is easier to handle. This leaves […]

Sunnen’s DirectDex® Heads and Consumables

We have DirectDex BTA-style deep-hole drilling heads, inserts, and pads! These drills provide low cost per bore and can effectively perform. You can use the indexable inserts without the complex component count associated with cartridge-style tools. Furthermore, they are directly interchangeable with Sandvik’s CoroDrill® 800 series of tools. DirectDex 800 drills cover a wide range […]

BTA Heller and Sunnen The Perfect Match

As you probably already know, BTA Heller is now a part of Sunnen Product Company.  This makes a perfect combination of synergy for both companies.  Sunnen has been providing finishing equipment and bore sizing equipment since 1924. In addition, BTA Heller has been providing deep hole drilling systems for decades.  BY pairing the two companies […]