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BTA Drills of Choice for Deep Hole Drilling

BTA drills in various configurations are available from a leading manufacturer of BTA drills, BTA Heller, we are proud members of the Boring Trepanning Association and are seasoned professionals in the both the design and manufacture of BTA drills.

Whether you need trepanning tools, ejector drills, gun drills or the various accessories used in deep hole drilling, we're here to serve your needs for any BTA drills used for deep hole drilling operations. If you're new or unsure of the best type of BTA drills to use in a specific deep hole drilling project, our friendly and helpful staff will help you to determine the right or best type of BTA drills to use. All of us here have hands-on experience in the use of BTA drills under all sorts of deep hole drilling operations. It is with this knowledge and experience that we can offer solutions for BTA drills.

    Trepanning tools are one type of BTA drills that are used to cut a core in deep hole drilling, leaving behind very small chips and a metal core that can later be used in the manufacture of another product.

    Ejector drills utilize high pressure cutting fluid to help keep the drilled metal cool while cutting. Drilled chips of shavings are ejected through a tube within the center of the BTA drill.

    BTA gun drills are similar to ejector drills since they also utilize high pressure cutting fluid to help remove chips. The gun drill coolant is driven to the cutting tip via a tube in the middle of the BTA drill and chips are forced out along the sides of the drill.

BTA drills are used in deep hole drilling operations that require an extremely straight drilling of materials. BTA drills used for deep hole drilling offer the opportunity to drill at depths of over 100 times the width of the hole being drilled. All BTA drills are also designed so that minimal finishing of the hole drilled is required. Yet some materials will need to be finished further after the drilling operation to insure a perfectly smooth inside finish. In those instances we also offer boring finishing BTA drill tools.

If you would like to learn more about all of our BTA drills and how we can help you to accomplish all of your deep hole drilling efficiently, please explore the various topics regarding BTA drills within our main site. If you need additional information regarding BTA drills, please feel free to contact us and let us help you with all of your BTA drill needs or concerns.


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