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Ejector Drills Are Used for Deep Hole Drilling of Medium to Large Holes

Ejector drills are used in many deep hole drilling applications where the the inside diameter of the hole being drilled must remain free of excessive scratches due to the shavings or chips of the material being drilled being removed. This is something that can't normally be accomplished using a twist type of drill since the shavings are extracted along the side grooves of the drill.

Ejector drills are designed far differently than any other type of drill. With ejector drills high pressure cutting oil is pumped into the deep hole that is being drilled and from a hollow tube within the ejector drill the cuttings are the expelled. By injecting the high pressure cutting oil, the metals being drilled remain cooler and cause less friction than any other type of drill. By keeping the metal cooler, the deep hole drilling taking place will tend to remain on a better track and more accurate since the metal will not tend to expand while it is cool.

Ejector drills are an advanced design of deep hole drilling tools and may be very narrow or very wide with a drilling diameter of up to about seven inches. Ejector drills offer many advantages over other types of drills and when accuracy of the job is imperative to the deep hole drilling operation with less finishing requirements, high pressure ejector drills are a must.

Ejector drills are also commonly referred to as gun drills. Gun drills do however differ from true ejector drills as a gun drill has high pressure cutting fluid deliver to the cutting tip and a V shaped flute is used to eject the cut materials away from the hole being drilled.

Both types of drills offer advantages for specific applications.

We are deep hole drilling tool manufacturers offering many types of deep hole drilling tools including specially designed ejector drills. To learn more about our ejector drills or any of the other types of deep hole drilling tools that we design and produce, contact us today and let us show you how our ejector drills can help your deep hole drilling applications.


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