BTA Heller and Sunnen The Perfect Match

BTA Heller and Sunnen

As you probably already know, BTA Heller is now a part of Sunnen Product Company.  This makes a perfect combination of synergy for both companies.  Sunnen has been providing finishing equipment and bore sizing equipment since 1924. In addition, BTA Heller has been providing deep hole drilling systems for decades.  BY pairing the two companies together, they can offer a single solution for bore creation.

Sunnen is home to some of the best industrial honing machines on the market today. From manual to fully automated, their honing machines can handle it all. Of course, honing machines are just one of the many products Sunnen offers. Also available are lapping machines, engine building equipment, skiving burnishing equipment, and tools and abrasives as well.

BTA Heller Tooling

By offering tooling engineered by BTA Heller, it makes our deep hole drilling one of the best options in the industry today. Also, BTA offers major options when it comes to drilling systems. Double tube system, gun drilling systems, and single tube systems are all available. Are you looking for an internal profiling solution?  We have everything you need for bottle boring.

Honing Machines

Sunnen offers one of the most popular honing machines the MBB-1660. This machine can bore from .060 to 6.500 in. This machine offers precision sizing and geometric accuracy with the surface finish of your choice. One of the best parts is the machine only takes about 10 minutes to set up which means more production time. Of course, this is just one of the many machines we offer at Sunnen, give us a call today at 314-781-2100.

If you are interested in our deep hole drilling solutions give us a call today at 248-597-0346 or use our easy contact form. You can always get a free quick quote as well, by clicking right here.