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Trepanning Tools Save Money and Make Money for Your Business

Trepanning tools can help to save your shop money and can even help to make you more money. If this gets your attention and you are wondering how and why trepanning tools can help your bottom line, consider these factors.

With trepanning, rather than drill out an entire hole, you simply cut out a core. This makes it easier to remove the major area of the hole that needs to be created. Trepanning tools will require less effort than typical standard drilling since less energy is required to cut out a circle rather than trying to bore out an entire section of material and then trying to eject all of the material that is being drilled. With standard forms of drilling it is much more difficult to reclaim all of the chips or shavings that you may wish to recycle. The solid core material that is left by using trepanning tools is easy to handle and leaves you with more material that is easier to recycle than chips or shavings. Your solid core that is left behind by using trepanning tools won't be as difficult to clean or separate the cutting oils from the bulk materials.

Depending upon the materials being cut, the solid core left behind by trepanning tools may be more valuable than chips or shavings since the core material may be ready to used in the creation of another product and won't need to go back to be melted and reformed into something solid. This can save money and time for your operation and thus improve your profitability.

The chips or shavings that are left from using trepanning tools may still be saved and reclaimed for future use, but, you simply will not need to work as hard to gather those few chips or shavings. Again this saves money for your operation since less time and effort will be required to gather and save these materials.

Trepanning tools are generally a good way to drill an area when you are dealing with cuts up to about six inches in width. Once your hole or core has been removed using trepanning tools, you may then follow behind with additional deep hole drilling or boring to get the exacting hole size desired.

If your deep hole drilling operations could benefit by lowering your costs during production and further enhance your bottom line with ready made core materials for the creation of additional products or easy reclamation of raw materials, then contact us to learn more about our line of trepanning tools. We are manufacturers of all deep hole drilling or trepanning tools and we want to help your business to become more profitable.

Don't just drill and create a waste of your time and money when you could make more money by using trepanning tools to accomplish your deep hole drilling tasks.


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