Burnishing Tools Available From BTA Heller

Burnishing Tools

Burnishing tools are incorporated with skiving tools. Burnishing is known as a super-finish process. This process is a cold working process that will create a fine surface on a metal surface by using a rotation over hardened rollers. This will create a mirror type finish that is also tough and corrosion resistant. Burnishing tool machines are available from Sunnen.

Burnishing Tools From Sunnen

Sunnen offers deals on their SHD 2400 Machine as well as their SHD 4400 Machine. Both of the machines can handle all your skiving and burnishing needs. Sunnen has an SHD burnishing system that can be up to 90 percent faster than traditional machines. BTA Heller is now part of the Sunnen family. In addition, all of our skiving and burnishing tools are available through Sunnen.

We offer a full range of combined and individual burnishing tools. These tools start at the 12.70 mm (.500″) range and go all the way up to 508 mm (20.000″) diameter for cylinders up to 10.06 meters (33 feet) long. Some of the advantages of choosing our tools are the improved surface finish. Also, the increased surface hardness of up to 5 or 10%. In addition to those, enhanced corrosion resistance and the elimination of tool marks on the surface are more advantages.

Of course, skiving and burnishing are just some of the great tools available from BTA Heller. IN addition to those we offer trepanning, profiling, gun drills, and other drilling systems. With decades of deep hole drilling experience, BTA Heller tools are always the right ones to get the job done. If you would like a quote on our products please click here, or give us a call at 248.597.0346.

Finally, if you are looking for tools for deep hole drilling, the experts at BTA Heller can answer all your questions. We have been providing answers for companies for years and are one of the industry leaders in deep hole drilling.