Deep Hole Drilling Aluminum

Deep Hole Drilling Aluminum

Deep hole drilling aluminum can be tricky. When it comes to deep hole drilling the material being used is always a huge factor.  Depending on the material, you will need to achieve certain speeds or proper drill bits. Aluminum is usually considered one of the softer materials to drill, but there are some roadblocks you can run into with aluminum.

One of the more highly drilled alloys of aluminum is the 7075 and 6061. One of the major concerns when deep hole drilling aluminum is chip evacuation. Removing the drilled chips are always essential for a successful drill. In addition, chip formation is another consideration.

Drilling Aluminum With BTA Heller

Chip formation and evacuation are crucial steps to keep the hole drilling process going. The aluminum can heat up and stick to the drill bit causing more issues as well. At BTA Heller our experienced staff can help you decide which drill option is best for you. Also, we can help you decide what type of drill is best for aluminum. Our popular gun drilling solutions are always a favorite among our clients.

Gun drilling is one of the most widely used methods of deep hole drilling employed by industry today. Also, the drill or “gun drill” is generally a one-piece assembly consisting of a hollow cylindrical drill driver. The drill is brazed to a V-shaped crimped tube and finally assembled to a brazed-on solid carbide drill head.  Both the crimped drill shank and the brazed-on carbide drill head from a kidney-shaped cross-section, whereby the open V-shaped section acts as a chip flute. The chip flute is essential for chip removal.

Here at BTA Heller, we offer Gun Drills ranging from 1.40 mm to 50.80 mm (0.055″ to 2.000″) diameter with a variety of carbide grades to choose from. Finally, we always want to hear from our customers. Please give us a call today at 800.325.3670 or contact us today and see what we can do for you.