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Brazed Ejector Drills for Finish or Counter Boring

Brazed ejector drills offered by BTA Heller are used for finish or counter boring and to increase the size of a deep hole drilling that needs to be finished without the possibility of scoring the deep hole. Our brazed ejector tools allow for a fine inside finish through the process of even chip removal.

Our brazed ejector tools can also be used to help straighten out a previously drilled holes through pulled method of drilling. Brazed ejector drill tools will open up a previously drilled hole and are indexable. You can start with a smaller brazed ejector drill and increase the size as needed to for the perfect deep drilled hole. The V shaped bit of the brazed ejector drill assures that it enters accurately and though its flute allows the ejection of all cut shavings to created a perfectly smooth inside diameter.

Our boring tools with brazed ejector drills are the perfect choice for all deep hole drilling, boring or reaming operations. We offer these tools in values of ranging from .500 28.000 diameter. When required, multi-cutter or stepped counter or finish boring or reaming tools can be furnished to conform with component design criteria or as roughing tools for subsequent form boring operations.

BTA Heller is your source for all of your deep hole drilling tool needs with brazed ejector drills available for your boring or reaming functions that require accuracy over the entire length and with of the deep hole drilling operation.

For immediate information regarding all of your boring or reaming operations tools for deep hole drilling and using brazed ejector drills we invite you to take a look at our brazed ejector drills page. If you need additional information on brazed ejector drills or any other deep hole drilling tools, we are the deep hole drilling tool manufacturing specialists to work with to assure that you have the right deep hole drilling tools to satisfy your deep hole drilling operations needs. Contact us, we are the deep hole drilling tool manufacturers that can supply you with the deep hole drilling tools you need to complete your jobs accurately and efficiently.


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