Deep Hole Drilling And Counterboring

Deep Hole Drilling And Counterboring

Deep hole drilling process can be an extensive endeavor to do. Knowing the right tools and equipment needed upfront saves you a lot of time. Good news for you, the experts at BTA Heller can answer all your questions about deep hole drilling. Our drilling equipment is designed to help with difficult-to-chip materials. Also, our tools have a long-lasting life and excellent chip control.

Deep Hole Drilling Process

No matter if you are drilling through aluminum, titanium, or any other materials our drills will get the job done. In addition, our counterboring reaming tools are multi-cutter counterboring tools. We offer a full lineup of a brazed single cutter and also single indexable insert tipped tools.  Also, our counterboring tools are available in both the push and pull types. One of the best benefits of our counterboring tools is the great depth of more than 100 times the tool diameter.

Of course, the benefits do not stop there. Another advantage of our counterboring tools is stock removal up to 50.8 mm (2.000″) per side depending on the tool size.  With multiple drilling systems, trepanning, solid drilling, and much more, BTA Heller is the leader in deep hole drilling equipment.

We have been a major part of the deep hole drilling industry for decades. Our experienced staff can answer any type of question about deep hole drilling. We also answer questions on counterboring and other drilling questions. You can contact us today at 800.325.3670. If you would like a quote on any of our drilling accessories or equipment please click here.  BTA Heller is now a division of the Sunnen Products Company.

By having such a great relationship with Sunnen, it allows us to serve our clients even better than before. With Sunnen’s global presence and BTA Heller’s deep hole drilling knowledge, you have everything you need to purchase the right products.