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Deep Hole Drilling Using Gun Drilling Systems

Deep hole drilling is extremely sensitive and we believe that the best method of deep hole drilling is by using gun drilling systems from BTA Heller.

Deep hole drilling requires time, patience and the right drilling tools to accomplish your task. Using the wrong type of drill seems to invariably result in broken drills and scraped pieces of expensive machined parts. Additionally, using the wrong type of drill for your deep hole drilling processes, even if successful without broken drills or scrapped pieces will often result in holes that are not to spec. Your deep hole drilling will wind up off center or uneven. Your drill will produce chips and burrs that will require additional work and repair to correct the problem and additional drilling or machining.

Using our gun drilling systems will help to assure your success in your deep hole drilling. Gun drilling systems from BTA Heller use specially created drills employing v-shaped carbide tips with highly pressurized specialty coolants being continuously supplied to the deep hole drilling operation to help assure that all chips are successfully flushed out as they are being created and to help keep both the drill and and the part being machined cool. This coolant helps to keep your drill from overheating and helps to maintain lubricity that will keep your drilling operation straight and avoid costly drill breakage within the part that is being deep hole drilled.

We offer gun drilling systems that are as minute as 0.055" to as large as 2.000" diameter to help you when you are working on any deep hole drilling project. Our gun drilling systems are also available in a variety of carbide tip grades so you can be sure that you have the correct gun drilling system for the job at hand.

To learn more about deep hole gun drilling systems and how you can get the right gun drilling system for and deep hole drilling that you are undertaking, be sure to contact one of the industry leaders in the manufacture and supply of deep hole gun drilling systems, BTA Heller of Troy, Michigan. We're here to help you succeed in a cost effective manner when you need gun drilling systems for your deep hole drilling or machining operations.


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