Deep Hole Drilling Machines For Sale

Deep Hole Drilling Machines For Sale

If you are looking for deep hole drilling machines for sale, then you have come to the right place. At BTA Heller, we are now a part of Sunnen Products, one of the world’s premier deep hole drilling machine manufacturers. In addition, to BTA Hellers drill heads, Sunned can offer the machines to use them in. From skiving to honing, there are parts and machines for everything.

Types of Machines For Sale

Sunnen has a great Skiving and Honing machine for sale the SHDS series.  The SHDS Series was designed with input from the hydraulic cylinder industry. Tested thoroughly, this machine is a tough and dependable machine that can handle any workload. There are some advantages to the Sunnen system.

  • Improved surface finish
  • Improved size control
  • Surface hardness was increased
  • Better Corrosion resistance
  • Removal of tool marks and minor imperfections
  • Faster production

Deep Hole Drilling Experts

At BTA Heller, we have decades of experience when it comes to producing quality drilling products. Also, we offer a variety of drilling systems such as solid drilling, Trepanning, and Gun Drilling Systems.  In addition to the SHDS Series, Sunnen also offers the SVL-2115 Lapping Machine. The benefit of this machine is it is automated removing the need for manual operation. This machine provides single setup processing of hydraulic valves, sleeves, fuel system components and other parts.

As you can see with the resources of Sunnen Products, BTA Heller has a large inventory of machines and drilling systems to offer. Finally, contact us today for all your deep hole drilling needs.