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Deep Hole Drilling Pressure Head Units

Pressure head units from BTA Heller allow you to perform deep hole drilling that does not allow the chips from cutting to possibly score the hole that is being drilled. We accomplish this with pressure head units that force cutting oils under high pressure into the cutting area to eject the the cut shaving out though a hollow tube via high pressure cutting oil injection systems know as pressure head units.

Clean cutting oil and coolant only is forced into the cutting area allowing the fine cut chips to be ejected without the possibility of scoring or damaging the inside cutting area. The use of a high pressure head unit also acts as guide for the boring or cutting tool by keeping the area cool and clean while cutting. This process helps to diminish shake of the cutting tool and additional friction often caused by the buildup of cut chips to perform a perfect deep hole drilling cut.

Our pressure head units also have a unique bushing that helps to assure that the deep hole drilling you are about to perform has a clean and accurate start. This bushing helps to hold the drilling unit in place to allow a clean and perfect start, thus making the end result of your deep hole drilling more accurate.

If your deep hole drilling requires extreme accuracy from start to finish without the possibility of the hole becoming scored on the inside due to cutting chips, if your deep hole drilling requires a perfect straight cut without additional the possibility of your deep hole drilling going the least bit off center or additional cut due to excessive friction or heat build up from the cutting tool, then you need pressure head units from BTA Heller. We are leaders in the manufacture of deep hole drilling tools that produce the best possible outcome from your efforts.

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