Deep Hole Drilling Process

Deep Hole Drilling Process

Deep Hole Drilling Process is machining of deep holes that are at least ten times the diameter of the hole.  There are different ways to accomplish this. Using different systems depending on the situation that best fit the job. At BTA Heller, we have three different types of drilling systems. Those drilling systems are Gun Drilling Systems, Single Tube Drilling System, and the Double Tube Drilling System.

Deep Hole Drilling With Gun Drilling System

When using the gun drilling method, the drill is a one-piece assembly.  Also, the assembly is a hollow cylindrical drill driver. A gun drill needs a high-pressure coolant when in use. At BTA Heller, we offer different carbide grades, coatings and cutting edge. The Double Tube System is sometimes known as an ejector system. This system has an outer and inner tube that is connected to the coolant inducer.

The single tube system is the reverse of the gun drilling system. It has a drill head connected to a ground cylindrical tube. This system can handle diameter ratios of 100x’s diameter. When it comes to solid drilling, BTA Heller has you covered.  We have a full line of indexable solid drilling tools as well as Brazed drilling tools. For the brazed tools the range of diameters goes from 11.10 mm to 65.00 mm (.437″ to 2.559″).

In addition, our indexable drill heads have a range from 15.88 mm (.625″) all the way up to 50.80 mm (20.000″). Of course, this just a small sample of hole-making equipment. Our experts at BTA Heller can answer any question you might have about our equipment or deep hole drilling.  We offer decades of experience in the industry and can help you find the right product for you.

Finally, request a quote today on any of our industry-leading products, or give us a call today at 800.325.0346. When you use BTA Heller products, rest assured you are using the industries best products!