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Deep Hole Drilling Trepanning Tools

If you don't have enough power to perform solid drilling operations then trepanning drilling tools may be the answer that you are looking for.

Our trepanning tools offer you drilling that is not solid core drilling with the resultant drilling providing you with a material core from which to create another item. Trepanning is an ancient medical practice that is now being applied to metal drilling. During ancient times, trepanning was performed on the skull and thought to cure many different types of ailments. The resulting core from trepanning was then often used to make other things that were thought to improve the human condition.

Trepanning for medical purposes is generally not a very widespread practice today, however, trepanning in the cutting of metal is. Trepanning tools for metal can save money that may otherwise need to be spent to improve cutting power for solid drilling. Trepanning metal cutting tools also save money by producing a core of metal that may be utilized to create another product.

BTA Heller is dedicated to providing you with the most cost efficient metal cutting or drilling tools available. Over our years of experience in creating trepanning deep hole drilling tooling we have also been able to improve our product offerings. As such our metal drilling and trepanning tools are more versatile than ever before. They are available in several different cutting edge materials and designs to provide you with the best, most accurate tools available, whether deep hole drilling, reaming or boring or trepanning.

Learn about all of our metal drilling or finishing tools with a click to our home page or visit our trepanning page to learn more about our metal drilling trepanning tolls. Find the right trepanning tools that you will need when you work with us. We offer many different trepanning tools or we will work with you to create the special trepanning tools you need to get your job done.


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