DirectDex Solid Drilling Tools

Directdex Solid Drilling Tools

BTA Heller proudly introduces our new DirectDex Solid Drilling Tools.  The DirectDex is available in the single and double tube system. The single tube drilling system has a diameter range of 25.00 mm – 65.00 mm. Also, the double tube drilling system has a diameter range of 25.00 mm – 65.00 mm as well.  The new tools are easy-to-use, efficient, and heavy-duty. In addition, there are many features available as well.

DirectDex Features

The tools are available in three standard models. The first model is the 2-meter maximum part length (SHD-2500D). Next, there is the 4-meter maximum part length (SHD-4500D). Finally, there is the 6-meter maximum part length (SHD-6500D). In addition, other features include,  heavy-duty Bosch-Rexroth 55 mm (2.16 in) linear rails, for maximum durability.  Also, a standard safety system with a combination of multiple E-stops, light curtains, interlocked guarding, and fencing.

Another great feature is an electrical enclosure air conditioning unit standard to protect critical electronics in high-temperature environments. Sunnen abd BTA Heller are the complete system supplier for machines, tools, chip management, cooling systems, and cutting fluids. What sets us apart from the competition is our intuitive control system.

Designed and Developed Intuitive Control System

DirectDex Designed and Developed Intuitive Control System

The control system is a feature-rich system.  First, you will notice the Beckhoff PLC with a 394 mm (15.5 in) color touchscreen.  This provides a real-time graphical display of tool position, tool feed load, spindle loads, and coolant pressure and volume. Next, it has a two-button part-to-part mode for high production operation. Also, it has machine diagnostics and on-screen, multi-language selection.

Sunnen and BTA Heller are committed to designing, manufacturing, and delivering world-class deep hole machining tools and systems that meet or exceed customer requirements. Whether a Single Tube, Double Tube, Gun Drilling, or other specialty system is needed, Sunnen has the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to meet any deep hole machining requirements. Finally, contact us today to learn more about all our available products.

DirectDex Solid Drilling