Drilling Accessories

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Relying on its many years of experience and to supplement the wide variety of drilling accessories and tools being offered, BTA Heller can furnish a total complement of accessory items. In addition, these items make it possible to offer complete turnkey drilling systems. If you are looking for a particular part or accessory please contact us to place your order.

Drilling Accessories Available Are:

  •  Premium quality, industry standard special Drill Tubes.
  •  Pressure heads (coolant induction units) for STS / BTA drilling machines.
  •  Stationary and Rotating Coolant Inducers for the DTS or two tube drilling systems.
  •  Stationary and Rotating Drill Tube Guides or vibration dampers.
  •  Drill Tube Drivers collets.
  •  Drill Bushings.
  •  Coolant Pumping and Filtration Systems.
  •  Chip Handling Equipment.
  •  Lantern Chucks for pull style single or multi-cutter Counter Boring tools and Internal Profiling tools.
  •  Cross Hole Drill Adapters for cross-hole drilling.
  •  X-Axis Drive Units specifically meant for Internal Profiling tools.
  •  Deep-Hole Drilling Machines.
  •  Hydraulic Power Packs.
  •  Conic Reception or Centering Plates.
  •  Drill Tube Packing Glands or Stuffing Box assemblies.

Click the links below for more information on STS 4 Start Drill tubes, DTS drill tubes standard, and BTA single start drill tubes standard. Also, feel free to give us a call at 248.597.0346 with any questions or concerns.

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