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Are Ejector Drills Right for Your Deep Hole Drilling?

Ejector drills are used when the diameter of the deep hole drilling being performed is greater than .75 inches. Although there are times when an ejector drill can be made for smaller drilling, an ejector drill works best with larger diameter drilling. The use of ejector drills is almost imperative when your drilling operation exceeds 2 inch diameter deep hole drilling.

Ejector drills work by forcing cutting fluids down into the drilling area and the ejecting the drilling chips through a center flute within the drill. Since all of the chips are carried out through this tubing, the flute must be large enough to accommodate the chips being drilled out. Also the drill must have enough strength to perform the drilling required.

So why not use a standard drill? After all, drills are designed to drill holes. Why be concerned with the chip removal process?

With standard drills, several pushes and pulls will be required to drill any deep hole. If continuous drilling were to take place, your drill would tend to bind up due to the chips not being exited well enough. The drill may then break off in the hole that is being drilled requiring additional efforts to remove the broken drill. The build up of chips within the hole while drilling would also tend to produce gouges or scratches in the hole. Therefore the hole being drilled would require additional efforts to ream out the hole and to smooth the sides.

Since ejector drills are designed to prevent chip buildup through efficient and constant chip removal via their inner ejector tube and the use of cooling cutting fluids, your drill will not tend to expand due to heat buildup while drilling all the while assuring that the chips being drilled are also being removed to prevent drill binding.

At BTA Heller we are manufacturers of deep hole drilling ejector drills with many years of experience in the both the design and manufacture of all types of deep hole drilling tools. We offer a large selection of ejector drills for all of your deep hole drilling needs and welcome the opportunity to help you choose the ejector drills that are right for your deep hole drilling needs or if ejector drills are not the right type of drill for your operation, we'll be happy to help you select the drills that will work best for you.

In todays business climate, efficiency, by having the right tools is imperative. So whether is ejector drills, BTA drills, gun drills or">trepanning tools or accessories that you need, you can trust our experts to find the efficient drill solutions right for you.


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