Form Tools

Aside from the majority of components that require straight through bores, there are many components that require blind hole bores. These bores usually require some sort of form at the bottom of the bore. BTA Heller  offers its engineering expertise to design and then manufacture form boring tools that are specifically designed for such components.

The basic principle of the form boring tool is to follow an initial roughing tool operation. In addition, this is used to rough out the near-shape of the blind bore configuration. This step is to remove as much material that is practical to facilitate the subsequent form boring operation. Regardless of the hole configuration, be it flat bottomed with a corner radius, full ball radius, stepped or bores that require a long taper, we at BTA Heller offer form tools with several variations of form cutters. These form cutter variations are either brazed-in-place, replaceable-resharpenable form cutters or special indexable form cutting inserts that suit the form being required.

Form Tools STSForm Tools BTA THD
Consider these unique advantages of BTA Heller Form Tools.

  • Reduced production time – two-step operation required to produce a complex form at any bore depth.
  • Reduced production costs — finishing processes too difficult or too deep for single point boring bars.
  • Hole tolerance as fine as 0.03 mm (.001″) possible.
  • Concentricity requirements of 0.03 mm (.001″) obtainable for close proximity stepped bores.
  • The surface finish of 32-63 Microfinish obtainable.
  • Runout tolerance of .098 mm per meter (.001″ per foot) obtainable with proper, machine & part setup.

You can request a quote for our Form Tools and other product such as Gun Drills, we provide at BTA Heller.  Finally, if you have any other questions about deep hole drilling or boring please feel free to call at 800.325.3670 or use our contact form to email us.