Gun Drilling Machine Manufacturers

Gun Drilling Machine Manufacturers

Gun Drilling Machine Manufacturers and deep hole drilling is the expertise of BTA Heller.  BTA Heller has excelled in providing deep hole drilling solutions for decades. In addition, BTA Heller is one of the premier gun drilling machine manufacturers. Gun drilling is a deep hole drilling procedure that usually uses a thin, long cutting tool to create holes in metal with a high depth-to-diameter ratio.

The head of a gun drill usually is a little different than most drill heads. The head has a single cutting edge that is designed so it can remove chips as it drills. The best advantage of a gun drill is the ability to drill deeper than most traditional drills. The gun drill gets it name from gun manufacturers needed to create long straight hols for their gun barrels.

BTA Heller A Gun Drilling Machine Manufacturers

At BTA Heller we offer gun drills ranging from 1.40 mm to 50.80 mm (0.055″ to 2.000″) in diameter. In addition, we have many different grades of carbide, cutting-edge geometry, and coatings to choose from. Of course, gun drilling is just one of the many types of drilling solutions we offer. We also offer Double Tube System and Single Tube Systems as well. The double tube system has some advantages over gun drilling. Advantages such as being almost 5 times faster than gun drilling.

Gun drilling, Double tube systems, and single tube systems are just a few of the deep hole drilling solutions we offer. With decades of experience in deep hole drilling, BTA Heller can provide you with the proper equipment to get the job done. If you would like a quote on all our drilling solutions please click here for our quote form.  You can also give us a call at 800.325.3670 or contact us with any questions and see what BTA Heller can do for you today!