Gun Drilling Process

Gun Drilling ProcessGun Drilling Process

The gun drilling process is a deep hole drilling method. This method uses a long thin cutting tool that creates holes to create high depth-to-diameter ratios. In addition, gun drilling is very effective in diameters ranging from 1 mm to 50 mm.  When it comes to gun drilling the head has a unique design that lets it remove chips as it drills through the metal.

History Of The Gun Drilling Process

Originally, gun drilling was created just for that purpose. To drill our gun barrels because it provided the necessary straightness and durability. Of course, this process has branched out to other industries such as medical tooling, plastic injection molds, and diesel fuel components. Also, another great advantage of gun drilling is clean chip removal. Gun drilling uses a high-pressure coolant which provides for clean chip exhaust.

As was stated before, gun drilling is ideal for smaller diameter holes. It is recommended that if your diameter needed is 50 mm or smaller then gun drilling is the right choice.  For larger diameters, other forms of deep hole drilling are preferred. In addition to gun drilling, our parent company Sunnen offers deep hole drilling machines for sale. Sunnen offers a full lineup of deep hole drilling options to choose from.

At BTA Heller, we offer a variety of cutting-edge geometry heads for you to choose from. In addition, we offer several different carbide grades as well.  If you are not exactly sure what type of drill head you are looking for, call our expert staff today. We can answer all your questions about deep hole drilling and what type of drill head best suits your needs.  Finally, call 800.325.3670 or contact us today and find out what BTA Heller can do for you!