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Internal Profiling Tools for Deep Hole Drilling

Are you in need of internal profiling tools for deep hole drilling applications? If so, then you need to visit our main site where you will find the internal profiling tools for your deep hole drilling application.

Our internal profiling tools allow you to make the drilling cuts you need, generally with a CNC machine in a deep hole drilling application. Our internal profiling tools will allow you to make those safely and conveniently.

BTA Heller of Michigan is an experienced manufacturer of all types of deep hole drilling tools that also includes internal profiling tools. With our internal profiling tools, you can bore our your application and make multiple passes within the machined part without removing the the tool, but, the internal profiling tool may be removed through the initial drilling are due to a collapsible profiling head. Our unique internal profiling tools assembly consists of a cutter head that houses a right angle feed-out insert cartridge and indexable insert. This cutter head is threaded to a carrier body that contains guide pads that support the tool in the pre-existing bore component, which in turn is threaded to a drill tube (boring bar). The drill tube houses a push-pull indexing rod that actuates the right angle feed-out cutter in the cutter head by whatever amount the additional x-axis drive is told to move by the machines' CNC control.

If you are charged with the task of creating intricate internal profiled deep hole drillings, then our internal profiling tools are the deep hole drilling apparatus that you should consider first and last. We have developed many different deep hole drilling tools that ease the tasks that you need to accomplish. Our internal profiling tools are included within our areas of expertise and development of deep hole drilling tools. As the manufacturer of choice by many within the industry, shouldn't you be using internal profiling tools from an industry leader in the manufacture of all types of deep hole drilling systems? We think so and you will too after you've experienced the relative ease of using our internal profiling tools.

BTA Heller of Michigan is here to help you with all of your metal cutting and finishing tool needs.


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