Internal Profiling

Internal Profiling Bottle Bore ToolBTA Heller has developed a tooling concept, internal profiling, for internal contour boring of components with pre-existing holes. This development was prompted by industries need for internal undercuts. Also, internal contours that are generally too deep or too complicated for single point boring bars.

Basically, the bottle boring tool is designed to ID contour bore a specific component. In Addition, it is generally furnished as an assembly and not as an add-on for existing tooling.

In as much as most internal undercuts or ID profiles can be somewhat complex. Furthermore, our bottle boring tool assemblies are mostly utilized on stand-alone deep hole drilling machines. They are always controlled by an additional x-axis drive. This additional drive is controlled by the machines CNC programming.

However, this is not to say that this tool concept cannot be designed to be utilized on conventional machines.

Internal Profiling Information

The bottle boring tool assembly consists of a cutter head that houses a right angle feed-out insert cartridge and indexable insert.  This cutter head is threaded to a carrier body that contains guide pads that support the tool in the pre-existing bore component. Which, in turn, is threaded to a drill tube (boring bar).  The drill tube houses a push-pull indexing rod that actuates the right angle feed-out cutter in the cutter head by whatever amount the additional x-axis drive is told to move by the machines’ CNC control.

In the case where our bottle boring tool assemblies are utilized on stand-alone deep hole drilling machines, the machine tool manufacturer generally furnishes the additional x-axis drive unit. However, we at BTA Heller also have the capability to furnish add-on x-axis drive units for existing deep hole machines.

It should also be pointed out that each bottle boring tool assembly can be manufactured to accommodate components. Components with either through or blind holes. Finally, contact us today to learn more about our internal profiling.