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Versatile - Long Life - Skiving or Burnishing Tools

Our skiving and burnishing tools offer you a greater tool life than most other skiving or burnishing tools on the market today. Our skiving or burnishing tools offer you greater accuracy and better productivity than many other skiving or burnishing tools available.

Remove up to .25" of metal stock in one single pass with improved tolerances, finer finishes and greater distances in one single pass with skiving and burnishing tools from BTA Heller. Skiving and burnishing tools from us are actually modified reaming or boring tools that have been designed to help you accomplish the task of inside finishing with greater accuracy and without tools marks for a more highly finished product. Our skiving and burnishing tools have been designed to go a greater distance (up to 33 feet in a single pass) and to remove a larger amount of harder metals (up to ¼") in a single pass to help improve your finished product smoother and faster than other tools available today.

We have also strived to achieve a skiving and burnishing tool with a longer life (up to 300%) than many other skiving and burnishing tools available. Not only will you achieve greater productivity with our skiving and burnishing tools, but, you will also save money by not needing to replace your skiving and burnishing tools as often as before.

At BTA Heller of Michigan it is our mission to provide you with tools you need for deep hole drilling and finishing that will allow you to accomplish your job with greater accuracy, but also to achieve a more cost effective operation using metal cutting tools that have been designed to last longer and to get the job done right faster and easier than by using other deep hole drilling or finishing tools available to you.

Rather than using your former suppliers of skiving and burnishing tools, we invite you to see the differences available when you use skiving and burnishing or metal deep hole drilling or finishing tools that we have available. We work hard and continue to develop better tools for you to make your job faster, easier and more accurate while offering greater productivity and longer tool life at a lower cost than you may have thought was possible.

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BTA Heller of Michigan is here to help you with all of your metal cutting and finishing tool needs.


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