Sandvik-Style Replacement Deep Hole Drilling Heads, Inserts and Pads

DirectDex Sandvik-Style Replacement Deep Hole Drilling Heads, Inserts and Pads

Introducing BTA Heller and Sunnen’s DirectDex® deep-hole drilling heads, inserts, and pads. These heads, inserts, and pads are directly interchangeable with Sandvik’s Corodrill® 800 Series of tools. In addition, our Sandvik-Style drill heads can provide you a much lower cost per bore. Also, our DirectDex 800 offers a large range from 25 mm to 65 mm.

DirectDex  Sandvik-Style Replacements

Our DirectDex deep-hole drilling heads, inserts, and pads are designed to last. Also, our products are some of the most durable on the market today. In addition to the Sandvik’s 800 series, we also have drill heads and consumable replacements for the Sandvik 801 and T-Max® Series as well.  Click here to view our conversion chart for the Sandvik to Sunnen part.  Our charts offer conversions for drill head inserts and guide pads.

BTA Heller, a Sunnen company has extensive experience in the deep-hole drilling industry. Our industry-leading experts work to design the best solutions in drill heads, inserts, and pads. Sunnen has provided precision bore creation, sizing, and finishing equipment solutions all over the globe. In addition, we strive to provide the best customer service available in the industry.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Sunnen provides products and services to places like Australia, France, China, and many other countries. With Sunnen’s global reach and BTA Heller’s expertise in deep-hole drilling the two forms a perfect pairing.

Deep-Hole Drilling Quotes

No matter if you are looking for replacement parts or to place a brand new order, request your quote today. We can provide you with an accurate quote that will help you maintain your budget. You can call BTA Heller directly at 800.325.3670 to place an order or ask any questions you might have. Finally, when it comes to deep-hole drilling and DirectDex® Sandvik-Style replacement parts, your best option is BTA Heller a division of Sunnen.

 Conversion Charts