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Skive Burnishing Tools for Deep Hole Drilling

Put skive burnishing tools to work for you and learn how efficient some of your deep hole drilling operations can become versus some of the more common methods of deep hole drilling.

Skive burnishing tools are in effect a modified version of a high speed reamer, yet, they also offer core removal at rates of between 100 and 150 inches per minute with inside diameters coming out smooth in drilling widths as great as .250 inches. Tolerances, using skive burnishing tools can be within .005 inches on average and much finer for special applications using skive burnishing tools.

Using our skive burnishing tools helps to keep your operations running smoothly too since the the fatigue life of these deep hole drilling tools is generally as much as 300% greater than that of other deep hole drilling tools. Our skive burnishing tools offer the elimination of tool marks or minor surface imperfections too and are cleaner than honing or offer abrasive operations. Our skive burnishing tools are designed for enhanced corrosion resistance. All of this added together plus other benefits of using skive burnishing tools makes your jobs go faster and help to increase the profitability of each deep hole drilling operation.

At we manufacture many different types of deep hole drilling tools and have seen an overall increase in those interested in utilizing skive burnishing tools. For many types of deep hole drilling it just makes great sense to use skive burnishing tools for deep hole drilling rather than other types of BTA tools.

Contact us today to learn more about our line of skive burnishing tools, the different sizes of skive burnishing tools we offer and which deep hole drilling tools make the most sense for your use. With our years of experience in the design and manufacture of BTA drills or BTA tools we can easily help you to determine which, if any of our skive burnishing tools will help to make your drilling operations more efficient and profitable.


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