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Skive Burnishing Tools - Deep Hole Drilling and Finishing In One Step

Skive - to cut into thin layers, as to split leather perpendicular to its thickness.

Want to improve the efficiency of your deep hole drilling operations? We believe that most everyone is constantly searching ways to improved the overall efficiency of their business operations. If your business is the business of deep hole drilling, you understand that each step that is taken in deep hole drilling can be costly in both time required to perform the operation and the BTA tools required to accomplish each step along the way.

Skive burnishing tools may be just the deep hole drilling tools that you need to help improve overall efficiency.

Skive burnishing tools not only offer high material removal rates, but, they also provide you with a finishing touch while the material is being removed at a high rate of speed. Instead of having to first drill out the material and then follow afterwards with a reaming finishing operation, skive burnishing tools accomplish both drilling and a finishing touch in a single operation.

Since we are a manufacturer of BTA tools with many years experience in deep hole drilling and the design and manufacture of BTA precision deep hole drilling tools, we are aware that some jobs, due to their very nature in creating a finished product and their design specifications will require multiple steps. However, when the item being created by deep hole drilling requires a finished inside that is not overly precise in its design specifications, skive burnishing tools may be the answer to cost savings and improved efficiency.

Skive burnishing tools can provide close tolerances (as fine as 4 to 6 micro inch (Ra) on average) your production rates can be vastly improved saving money and effort in expensive secondary operations, such as grinding, honing, or lapping. Skive burnishing tools from BTA Heller offer additional benefits too. To learn more about the benefits of using skive burnishing tools in your tooling operations, contact us today and let our years of experience in the design and manufacturer of skive burnishing tools along with several other types of BTA tools help you and your business operations to become more efficient than they may possibly be today.

RDO, RUO and RIO tools for larger diameters. Large diameter tubes with relatively low wall thickness exhibit greater irregularities in their circular form due to cold drawing or the straightening process. Conventional skiving heads can correct these irregularities only in certain circumstances. After such a conventional machining process, spiral-shaped waves may appear along the entire length of the cylinder�s inner surface, creating a socalled rippling effect. The RDO, RUO and RIO skive burnishing tools equipped with the OMEGA skiving head offer an innovative solution to this problem. While the OMEGA skiving head cuts the cylinder�s inner surface to the exact size and form required, the roller head burnishes it. The simultaneous skiving and burnishing process, together with increased cutting performance (cutting speeds up to 300 m per minute and feeds of 3 � 6 mm per revolution), result in substantial cost savings.

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