Skiving and Burnishing Equipment

Skiving and Burnishing MachineWe now have Skiving and Burnishing systems here at BTA Heller! Sunnen’s skiving and burnishing system combine both skiving, the process of cutting metal, and the burnishing, smoothing, and shining process. The new Sunnen SHDS series skiving and burnishing system improve common honing systems by being  70% faster and are made to deliver precise tolerances and perfect surface finishes. By purchasing this system, you are making one of the best investments you could make. This machine can save you and your company lots of time by combining the skiving and burnishing processes into one machine!


Specifications of the SHDS Series Skiving and Burnishing Systems

The SHDS series has particular specifications including an inner diameter range of 51 to 178 mm, or 2 to 7 inches, and an outside diameter range of 50 to 300 mm, or 1.97 to 11.8 inches. Furthermore, it has a maximum spindle speed of 1650 RPM.

Our new skiving and burnishing systems are available in three models:

  • 2 meter maximum part length (SHD-2500S)
  • 4-meter maximum part length (SHD-4500S)
  • 6-meter maximum part length (SHD-6500S)

Special Features of the Equipment

Our SHDS series has some special features that have never been seen before! It includes are large 394 mm HMI with intuitive controls, which allow you to have full control of the system. Also included are heavy-duty Bosch-Rexroth 55 mm linear rails for maximum durability and support. Furthermore, CE compliant guarding comes with a combination of light curtains and fencing. All SHDS standard models have heavy-duty servo ball screw drives for tool feed and part clamping. Lastly, all of our products come with the best in industry 3-year warranty.

Here at BTA Heller, a division of Sunnen, we are recognized as the leading Deep Hole Drilling Tools, Accessories, and Systems manufacturer in the world. Whether it be Single Tube, Double Tube, Gun Drilling, or other specialty drilling system, BTA Heller has the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to offer single-source, turnkey solutions for your deep hole drilling applications. Request a quote today!