Skiving Tools Available From BTA Heller

Skiving and Burnishing Tools from BTA HellerSkiving and burnishing is a two-part process that removes stock with skiving reamers, a type of rotary cutting tool that produces true round bore, a prerequisite for successful roller burnishing.

Skiving and burnishing processes are known to be the quickest method of ID honing, the process used to produce smooth surface finishes inside bores, of seamless and DOM tubing with average metal removal rates of 2540 mm up to 3810 mm (100″ to 150″) per minute. Also, with the combination Reaming/Skiving/Roller Burnishing tool assembly machine that is able to remove up to 6.35 mm (.250”) total stock metal removal in one procedure.

Our Machines

Here at BTA Heller, we offer a full range of individual or combined Skiving and Roller Burnishing tool assemblies.

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Our machines are available in two standard models; a 2 meter maximum part length (SHD-2400) and 4 meters maximum part length (SHD-4400) each with large 394 mm (15.5″) HMI or Human Machine Interface with intuitive controls. With heavy-duty 55 mm (2.16″) linear rails, they have maximum durability. Furthermore, they are the best in the industry with a 3-year warranty.

Why BTA Heller?

BTA Heller is an American-based company and is recognized as the prime Deephole Tooling and Systems manufacturer in the world. Also, we are the only company that can offer single-source solutions for your deep hole drilling applications. Furthermore, we back all of our products with the most knowledgeable staff in the industry. Our experts provide the very best customer service for your tooling requirements. We have the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to meet your deep drilling application objectives. Finally, if your goal is to receive the best service, superior engineered tools, and systems at competitive prices; contact us today and fill out our quote form!