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Solid Drilling Direct Fit Drill STS THD

BTA Heller offers a full line of Brazed as well as indexable solid drilling tools. These tools come in a variety of sizes to choose from.

Our brazed tooling line covers a range of diameters from 11.1 mm up to 65 mm (.437” to 2.559”). All tools are ground on 5 Axis Tool Cutter grinders for consistent tool life from each tool. This tooling line is designed with extra-long guide pads for straighter holes.  We also offer multiple carbide grade coating options for optimal tool life.  We also offer a re-tipping service for all industry-standard drill heads. This will provide additional cost-saving for your drilling operations.

Our indexable drill heads cover a range of diameters from 15.88 mm up to 508 mm (.625” to 20.000”).  These tools are designed with robust pressed carbide inserts with multiple carbide grades, coatings, chip breaker designs.  These tools can also be adjusted with our plus style spare parts.  On some diameters, you can achieve up to 5 mm (.200″) adjustment on diameter. We also offer tools with precision ground inserts for improved chip control.

  • Close diameter tolerance and high surface finish
  • With ideal machine part setup condition .25 mm/m (.003″ per/ft) tool drift attainable
  • The higher penetration rate in most materials

BTA Heller is now part of the Sunnen Products family. When it comes to solid drilling BTA Heller is the industry standard. If you are not sure what type of drill heads you need call us today at 800.325.3670. Finally, use our easy quote form for a quote today on any of our great products.  Whether trepanning or skiving and burnishing, we have the drills you need to perform your job.