Sunnen Deep Hole Drilling Machines The SHDD

Sunnen deep hole drilling machines

Sunnen Deep Hole Drilling Machines from the SDD series designs are for a drilling process in cylindrical parts. It is based on the BTA deep drilling process. However, it has a variety of machine processing functions. This includes counterboring, pull boring, trepanning, bottom forming, and skiving/roller burnishing. But what else can the SHDD series do? Furthermore, how can BTA Heller help with your own SHDD deep hole drilling machine?

The SDD Series From Sunnen

Since 1924, Sunnen has been the global leader with in-bore sizing and finishing technology. Sunnen has many products that suit the needs of a variety of clients. However, the SDD deep hole drilling machines are made for productivity and reliability. In addition, it is one of Sunnen’s most cost-effective deep hole drilling machines. Deep hole drilling machines from the SHDD series go through intensive testing to guarantee years of trouble-free operation. SDD series systems can be in a variety of workplaces, thanks to their ability to work with a range of materials. This version has the latest system controls, meaning the user can meet the machining tolerance and production requirements.

In addition, the SDD series has 3 different modes to improve production rates. As a result, these deep drilling machines can match a variety of workplace applications. These applications range from tool rotates/part stationery, part rotates/tool stationery, or tool rotates/part counter rotates. These options make the SDD series ideal for different industries. These deep hole drilling machines are ideal for oil and gas, shipbuilding, aerospace, hydraulics/pneumatics, die/mold making, and military armaments. Including some typical applications, this series of  Sunnen’s deep hole drilling machines are a versatile drilling option for many businesses.

The SDD Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Sunnen deep hole drilling machines are the best in the industry, especially their SDD varients. Although all of Sunnen’s products can go years without issues, sometimes you need something extra. New accessories or different tools to get more out of your drilling machine. As a division of Sunnen, DTA Heller is able to help with all your drilling needs. Our company supplies a variety of products, including solid drilling, trepanning, and form tools for your deep drilling machine. In addition, we carry machining oil and guide pads to keep your machine running smoothly!

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