Sunnen Gun Drilling Machine Manufacturer

BTA Heller and Sunnen

Sunnen is the best gun drilling machine manufacturer. Gun Drilling is the oldest and widely-used method for deep hole drilling. The original purpose of this method was to create long and straight gun barrels. Now, modern gun drilling is commonly known as precision hole drilling. In addition, this method has contributed to many developments in different industries. However, what is gun drilling, and how has the modern world changed it? Well, let’s discuss why this method has lasted so long and how it affects the world today.

What is Gun Drilling?

Gun Drilling System From BTA Heller

So, what is gun drilling? Well, it originally involved a solid bar with a twist drill. The process made gun barrels seamless, stronger, and reliable compared to the resource they had. Though the modern design is better, it holds the same principle. It uses a one-piece assembly with a hollow, cylindrical drill driver. Most also have a v-shaped crimp tube and a brazed-on carbide drill head. Gun drills are typical for single-purpose gun drilling machines and on various machinery. The technical machine allows gun drills to be useful in a variety of industries.

Application of The Gun Drill

Although the original purpose was for making gun barrels, the modification to Gun Drill design has extended its reach. The gun drill has made advancements to new technologies in aerospace, medical, automotive, and other industries. Indeed Gun Drills have become a vital machine in the deep drilling world. And because of Sunnen and BTA Heller, you can get everything you need.

Sunnen and BTA Heller Gun Drilling Machine Manufacturer

Thanks to the partnership between Sunnen and BTA Heller, everything you need for your machine is available. Like Marvel, we have become partners with Sunnen to improve our quality of work. After all, BTA Heller is one of the premiers manufacturers of deep drilling tools and systems in the world. That includes being the best gun drilling machine manufacturer. Our many years of experience in creating parts and accessories for machinery now can help you keep your Sunnen machines running for the long term.

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