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Sunnen and BTA Heller create unique drill-to-finish bore solution

With the acquisition of the premier deep hole tooling and systems manufacturer, Sunnen provides single-source bore creation and finishing solutions, unique to the industry.

ST. LOUIS, MO – June 2018 – Sunnen Products Company’s acquisition of BTA Heller Incorporated has created a unique solution for shops looking for complete bore drilling-to-finishing capabilities. Sunnen, the world’s largest vertically integrated manufacturer of honing systems for precision bore sizing and finishing, adds BTA’s deep hole tooling and systems for primary hole generation as the companies build on natural synergies to offer single-source bore creation and finishing solutions. These new solutions will be on display at IMTS booths 237400 (Sunnen Products Company) and 432216 (BTA Heller).

“Our companies complement each other very well,” said Chris Miltenberger, President, and COO of Sunnen Products Company. “No other deep hole/BTA company has Sunnen’s global presence for customer, technical and post-sale support. The transfer of knowledge between the two companies will create a unique value proposition. Also, Sunnen’s financial stability and strong sales and service network will deliver this expertise to our customers.”

Sunnen Acquires BTA Heller

Sunnen’s core technical competencies include automated and also manual honing systems. Also, custom system development and integration, abrasives, tooling, cutting fluids, and gaging. The acquisition expands Sunnen’s industry-leading honing expertise to include tooling for initial hole creation and other complementary bore sizing and finishing processes such as trepanning, counterboring, and form boring. The BTA Heller product mix includes accessories for those processes including pressure heads, vibration dampeners, and boring bars. Sunnen recently introduced the new SHD series skiving and roller burnishing system with tooling engineered and supplied by BTA Heller.  Sunnen will also be entering the market with a deep hole drilling and boring machine with tooling engineered and supplied by BTA Heller.

“We have developed various tools and systems for creating intricate internal profiled deep hole drilling from 12.7 mm to  914.4 mm (0.5 in. to 36 in.) diameter,” said Mark Sollich, Director of Sunnen’s BTA Heller division. “To combine forces with Sunnen and its bore geometry expertise creates a company not found anywhere else in our industry. No one company can provide a total bore solution from the creation of the primary hole to the final bore finish specifications like we can.”

Acquisition Expands Customer Support

As Sunnen enters the skiving/roller burnishing sector, it brings its unique approach of providing support to customers also using non-Sunnen equipment, a key advantage to shops using a variety of machine types and/or manufacturers for bore creation and finishing. “We are able to take an unbiased approach to achieve high-quality bores,” said Miltenberger. “We offer solutions based on drilling, honing, skiving, roller burnishing, trepanning, or any combination of those. With our increased product lines and capabilities, however holes need to be made, we can make them.”

Headquartered in the US, Sunnen employs 650 people worldwide. With offices, manufacturing, and tech support facilities in Europe, China, India, and Brazil. Sunnen has the largest sales and technical service network of any company in its industry. In addition, this ensures full global support for its multinational customer base. Finally, for additional information contact: Sunnen Products Company, 7910 Manchester Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143. Tel: 1-800-325-3670; fax: 314-781-2268 or email [email protected].

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