Sunnen’s DirectDex® Heads and Consumables

Sunnen’s DirectDex® Heads and ConsumablesWe have DirectDex BTA-style deep-hole drilling heads, inserts, and pads! These drills provide low cost per bore and can effectively perform. You can use the indexable inserts without the complex component count associated with cartridge-style tools. Furthermore, they are directly interchangeable with Sandvik’s CoroDrill® 800 series of tools. DirectDex 800 drills cover a wide range from 25 mm to 65 mm (0.984” to 2.559”).

We supply both Sunnen and Sandvik drill head inserts here at BTA Heller-Sunnen. By doing so, you are offered a large variety of indexable inserts for many different purposes. We also offer a large bore size range. Having the right drill bit is crucial to any project. If it is too small, The material’s density will be too great. If it is too large, you could ruin the material you are working with. Here are the bore sizes that we currently offer.

DirectDex Drills Bore Size Range

25.00-26.40 mm (.984-1.039 in) – Code 03

26.41-28.70 mm (1.040-1.139 in)- Code 04

28.71-31.00 mm (1.140-1.220 in) – Code 05

31.01-33.30 mm (1.221-1.311 in) – Code 06

33.31-36.20 mm (1.311-1.425 in) – Code 07
36.21-39.60 mm (1.426-1.559 in) – Code 08

43.01-47.00 mm (1.694-1.850 in) – Code 09

43.01 – 47.00 mm (1.694 – 1.850 in) – Code 10

47.01 – 51.70 mm (1.851 – 1.973 in) – Code 11

51.71 – 56.20 mm (2.036 – 2.213 in) – Code 12

56.21 – 65.00 mm (2.213 – 2.559 in) – Code 13

DirectDex drills Drill BitsDon’t forget, we also give you the option of CTM or FC grades on your Sunnen drill bit. A CVD coated universal grade is optimal for machining heat-resistant super alloys while FC is a PVD coated grade with excellent wear resistance and toughness, especially when used in the central position

BTA Heller-Sunnen

The Sunnen DirectDex 800 drills are highly recommended, especially is you already own the Sandvik’s CoroDrill® 800 series. If this is the case, then you can update your drill bits to a new model or replace old ones. And if you don’t have either drill, now is your chance to buy one to make drilling more efficient and consistent!

Contact us today to find out more about our DirectDex heads and consumables. Request a quote today for the Sunnen DirectDex 800 drills or Sandvik’s CoroDrill® 800 series. Make your drilling easier and more productive with our product! We can’t wait to hear from you.