The Advantages Of Single Tube Drilling System

Single Tube Drilling System

A single tube system also is known as an STS or sometimes referred to as a BTA System is used for deep hole drilling. A Single Tube System is designed to drill deep holes that can be up to 100 times its width. Single tube drilling provides good chip removal as well as providing high flow coolant to the drilling area.

Feature Of a Single Tube Drilling System

In a single tube system, it is designed to allow coolant flow to where the drilling is happening. Also, it will flush chips through the inside diameter of the tube. Because of this unique feature, it allows the system to drill deeper much easier than other systems. These types of systems are the best options for deep hole drilling. This system supports tools ranging from 11.10 mm – 762mm (.437″- 30.000″) diameter. This system is good for drilling titanium, low carbon steel, and even stainless steel.

At BTA Heller (a division of Sunnen) we have an extensive line up of drilling accessories for your drilling system. For instance, we have a wide variety of STS 4 STart Drill Tubes for you to choose from. In addition, BTA Heller also has Standard 1-Start thread drill tubes as well.  Of course, at BTA Heller we also provide other drilling systems besides the single tube drilling system. Systems such as a gun drilling system as well as a double tube drilling system available from BTA Heller.

All Your Drilling System Needs

When it comes to deep hole drilling, BTA Heller has everything you need, from Single Tube Systems to Gun Drilling Systems we have it all. Along with those systems we also provide trepanning, profiling, form tools, and skiving and burnishing machines. Now as a part of the Sunnen family, BTA can offer everything you need for deep hole drilling. Finally, if you would like a quote on any of our drilling systems please contact us today or give us a call at 800.325.3670.

NEW! DirectDex line of tooling brochure. The DirectDex Solid drilling tools are available in single and double tube systems.