Trepan Tools

Trepan Tools Trepan tools are used in the trepanning process. There are a variety of trepan tools such as a deep straight shank trepan tool assembly. Also, there is the trepan head. In addition, there are pads and bits as well. Many times we get the question what is trepanning machining?

Trepan Tools and Their Uses

Trepanning is a machining process that differs from solid drilling.  Trepanning makes it easier to drill larger diameter holes and much easier to removes excess materials. A huge advantage is trepanning takes less power than more traditional drilling methods. The hollow drill bit leaves a core for other uses. Other drilling methods chip the remainder making it not useful.

With trepanning, you can drill as deep as you want. In addition, as we said earlier there is a solid core left that can be used for other uses.  Another great advantage is the wear pads can be replaced very easily keeping the production going. Of course, trepanning is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to deep hole drilling at BTA Heller. Being a division of Sunnen, we have even more resources to help supply you with the best equipment available.

Here at BTA Heller can offer these tools to meet the most special needs. Also, this would include designing trepanning tools that can produce a specific core size, such as tensile strength sample blanks. In addition, we have trepan heads and pads for your trepanning devices. We also offer mating core cropping tools to make it possible to trepan blind holes.

If you have questions about trepanning or any other BTA product please give us a call at 800.325.3670. Our experienced staff can help you answer any questions you may have. In addition to trepanning, make sure to ask about drilling systems, form tools, profiling, and much more.