Trepanning Is Cost Effective

Trepanning Is Cost Effective Trepanning can be a cost effective way to perform deep hole drilling. Instead of drilling out an entire hole, Trepanning just cuts out the core. IN addition, trepanning tools require less energy compared to other hole drilling solutions. The solid core material that is left by using trepanning tools is easier to handle.

This leaves you with more material that is easier to recycle than chips or shavings. Also, the solid core that is left behind by using trepanning tools won’t be as difficult to clean or separate the cutting oils from the bulk materials.

Solid Core Instead of Shavings More Cost Effective

Deep hole drilling usually leaves shavings or chips to be removed while drilling. Trepaning leaves a solid core. The core can be used quicker than just a pile of shavings and chips. Also, does leave some shavings from the process but nearly as much as other processes. Trepanning can handle cuts up to 6 inches in diameter.

Still, the major advantage of trepanning is the use of less power due to the fact it does not need to remove chips and shavings. At BTA Heller and Sunnen, we strive to provide the most cost-effective way to deep hole drill. With our years of experience in creating trepanning deep hole drilling tooling we have been able to improve our product offerings.  Experience the BTA Heller Difference!

Deep Hole Drilling Solutions

Trepanning is just one of the many solutions BTA Heller can provide you with. Also, our expertise in the industry is one of the best around and we can help you find the solution that best works for you and your company. Request a quote today for any of our products. Finally, you can also give us a call at 800.325.3670 and see what BTA Heller can do for you!