Trepanning Tools and Machines

Trepanning Tools and Machines

Trepanning tools and machines are available from BTA Heller and Sunnen Products, right now.  Many of you know, that trepanning is a deep hole drilling process that leaves a core. In addition, trepanning is used in a variety of industries. The remaining core from the trepanning process is often used for other applications. At BTA Heller, we provide heads and pads for your device.

Trepanning Tools and Trepanning Machining

As a part of Sunnen, there are two types of trepanning tools. The first is the Core Maximizer (pictured above right). These are designed to use stacked indexable inserts which create a 3/4″ (19.05 mm) cutting. The other tool is the Flange Mount Tool (pictured above left). This line is designed with multiple carbide grades. Also, it has coatings and chip breakers. In addition, all of the trepanning tools have reversible carbide pads which extend the life.

If you are looking for a trepanning machine, then the Sunnen SHDD Series could be your answer. Not only can this machine handle trepanning but it also can perform counterboring, pull boring, bottom forming, and skiving. The SHDD series was designed for BTA deep-hole drilling. There are optional features available as well. These features include:

  • Lantern chuck for pull boring
  • Fully enclosed work area guarding
  • Camera at chip exit
  • Part bar code scanning ability
  • Rear chuck workpiece headstock

These are just some of the great optional features available for the SHDD series. Furthermore, this is just one of all the great deep hole drilling machines Sunnen has. In addition to the great BTA Heller products, Sunnen offers even more machines and options as well.  Finally, contact Sunnen here or contact BTA Heller today for a great quote on all of our deep hole drilling products.