Trepanning Tool Flange MountBTA Heller offers its many years of experience with a standard complement of indexable trepanning tools to fit the needs of today’s industry.

The basic principle of trepanning, unlike solid drilling, is that a core is developed, once the component has been trepanned.  In the majority of cases, the cores that remain most often can be used to produce other parts. Also, this is a great alternative if you don’t have sufficient horsepower to push solid drilling tools.

We at BTA Heller  can offer trepanning tools to meet most special needs. This would include designing trepanning tools that can produce a specific core size, such as tensile strength sample blanks. We also offer mating core cropping tools to make it possible to trepan blind holes.

Our standard compliment of indexable trepanning tools covers a range of diameters from 88.90 mm to 609.60 mm (3.500” to 24”) and can be threaded for either an internal or external fast lead thread. This tooling line is designed with robust pressed inserts with multiple carbide grades, coatings and chip breakers. We also offer tools with precision ground inserts for improved chip control when trepanning specialty materials. All of our trepanning tools feature reversible carbide pads for added life and straighter holes. Our stabilizer trepan tools are designed with additional carbide nylon guide pads for improved tool stability to eliminate tool chatter spiraling.