What Is Trepanning and How It Differs From Other Methods?

What is Trepanning

To answer the question, what is trepanning? We first need to establish how exactly does it work and how does it vary from other methods. Trepanning tools are used to drill holes into a solid material. The difference from other drilling methods, trepanning leaves the solid core it drills out of the middle of the hole. Other methods usually leave chips when drilling, trepanning does not.

This method of drilling can create a larger diameter hole with less power than other forms of solid drilling. In addition, the core left over is often used in other applications as well.

Questions About What Is Trepanning?

Trepanning has been used for drilling for almost 65 years. When it comes to larger holes and removing larger amounts of material it is your best option. Also, if you are working with expensive materials such as titanium, you will have the core left to use in other projects.

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